Franco Colapinto


Bullet Athlete Franco Colapinto (ARG) has secured Bullet Sport’s Management’s first race victory of 2020 by taking a race win in the third round of the Toyota Gazoo Racing Series in New Zealand.

The 16-year old championship rookie, who took the Spanish F4 title last year, travelled to New Zealand with fellow Bullet Athlete Rui Andrade and Bullet Directors Jamie Campbell-Walter and Maria Catarineu, in order to develop their racing skills and prepare for a season of racing in Europe.

The race win in Hampton Downs follows a second-place finish for the Argentinian in the opening round and moves him up to fourth place in the championship of the highly competitive series that takes place on five tracks in five weeks and has an alumni including current F1 drivers Lando Norris, Daniel Kvyat, Alex Albon and Lance Stroll. 

“I’m proud of both Bullet Athletes,” said Campbell-Walter. “Franco deserves that race win and I think there will be more to come from him. But, it’s actually Rui who made the most progress this weekend – he climbs higher up the timing sheets each weekend, becomes a more confident and capable driver, and is building a solid foundation for his 2020 season. We leave Hampton Downs on a high and confident we are making sure both Franco and Rui are reaching their potential.” 

Between events, Bullet Sports Management takes its athletes to see New Zealand and experience challenges that will help them develop as people and as drivers. 

“With such a busy schedule, I think the time between events is as important as the time at events,” continued Campbell-Walter. “We make sure that we process what has happened and then we find activities that will help push them. Pushing to our limits as humans opens up new possibilities, helps develop confidence and bonds us as a team. We go into the next race weekend ready for whatever is thrown our way and with trust in ourselves and each other.” 

Franco Colapinto: “I just want to win all of the time. I know it sounds obvious, but I just can’t accept anything else other than the top step of the podium. It’s great to take my first race win in the series but I really need to be there after every race. 

“Qualifying is where I need to improve”, he added. “I’m giving myself a big challenge in the race to climb through the pack, which is good fun but it’s much more risky. The goal for the next round is to take pole position – I want to go into my 2020 season in Europe with good qualifying form. If I do this, my year will take a much better shape.”

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