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Renowned Argentine music producer Bizarrap joins forces with Franco Colapinto for the 2024 season and beyond.

Bizarrap rose to world fame thanks to his iconic “Bzrp Music Sessions”, collaborating with various music artists (including Shakira), creating record-breaking hits, however this time he is stepping out of the studio for a special collaboration. The 25-year-old star from Buenos Aires partners with fellow Argentinian talent, FIA F3 driver Franco Colapinto (20) on his way towards the F1 dream.

The story of Argentina’s new favourite duo started with a comment underneath a video Colapinto posted last year after his maiden win in FIA Formula 3. A petrolhead and racing fan himself, Bizarrap expressed his support towards Franco, sparking a conversation that blossomed into friendship between the two young stars from Buenos Aires.

Their latest public interaction came just a few weeks ago when Bizarrap joined the “#FrancolapintoaF2” fan movement on X (Twitter) and showed support towards Colapinto’s step up to Formula 2. This led to further conversations which resulted in an official partnership between the Argentinian racing driver and the star producer.

Williams Racing Driver Academy driver Franco Colapinto finished the 2023 FIA F3 season with two wins and four podium finishes in fourth place in the overall standings. Stepping up to Formula 2 in 2024 would be the next logical step in his career, however, a season in the second tier on the Road to F1 ladder costs a substantial amount of money which means Colapinto needs all the financial support he can get to be able to continue chasing the F1 dream.

Although his 2024 plans haven’t crystallised yet, Colapinto’s team is working hard to gather all the funds to provide the Argentinian with the best package possible.

One thing is for sure: Colapinto will wear Bizarrap’s iconic cap in the paddock and he will be sporting a special helmet throughout the entire 2024 season. The helmet will be designed by the two of them together and will be revealed at a later date.

Besides his personal support, Bizarrap also drew the attention of Globant founder Martín Migoya to Franco, helping to secure a partnership deal with the Argentina-based world-renowned IT company.

Franco Colapinto: 

I am stoked to have Biza on board! He’s a cool guy who has achieved incredible success already at such a young age. I admire his hard work, and despite all the fame, he’s just a very nice bloke I can call a friend. I am grateful for his support. Of course, he’s always welcome at the races, and I hope I’ll get to visit one of his gigs soon. At the end of the day, we are just two guys from Buenos Aires chasing their dreams.”


“I first came across Franco when I saw a video of him playing the Argentinian anthem on top of the podium. We are about the same age, both from Buenos Aires representing the “celeste y Blanca, so when I saw he needed support for the next step in his career, I wanted to help. This is a different kind of collab than I am used to but I am very excited about it.”

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