Franco Colapinto


Franco Colapinto’s Formula 2 car will carry a new logo from Imola on. The Argentinian racing prodigy will enjoy the support of Bigbox for the remainder of the season and beyond.

Argentina’s F1 hopeful continues to catch the attention of some of the most innovative and exciting companies of his home country.

Bigbox stands as Latin America’s foremost platform, dedicated to offering original experiences that ignite a passion for living life to the fullest. Operating across Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Uruguay, and Colombia, Bigbox is committed to revolutionizing consumers’ perceptions of gifting, aiming to redefine the significance of every present.

Gaston Parisier, Founder & Chairman of Bigbox:

“If there’s an experience that truly embodies the essence of ‘unforgettable,’ it’s undoubtedly racing. We take great pride in backing Franco because we see in him a determination to turn his dreams into reality, all while embodying our core entrepreneurial values: daring to dream big, fostering teamwork, and striving for excellence. We are excited to be part of this journey.” 

Franco Colapinto:

“I am super excited to partner with Bigbox. It is such a cool company, I recently had the full Bigbox Experience firsthand with Gaston and it was a truly amazing. He took me for a helicopter ride above Buenos Aires to look at my hometown like I’ve never seen before. I look forward to entertaining Gaston in Imola to give him an F2 experience in return and I hope to have a celebration as well.“

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